As much as I love going on holidays, packing for going away I don't love at all! My dad always tells us two socks, two jocks, two tops, two pants and you've enough to do you for a week. I really wish it was that easy!

While packing your clothes might not be an area that the staff at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy can help you with, your beauty and medical bag is 100% something they can assist you on. To make your packing that little bit easier, I have made a list of bits and pieces that you might need for your holidays.






Sun Care


I always find sun cream is something of a personal choice. I have rather sensitive skin, as does my little boy, so we need to be careful what we use. Not only that, we need something that is not only good for sensitive skin, but stops us getting sunburned. Thankfully Molloys have a number of sun care brands available online and in store.

For children I would recommend an SPF of 50 that is water, sand and sweat resistant. Both Vichy and La Roche Posay do a children's range. You can find the La Roche Posay Anthelios dermo-kids Smooth Lotion here for €20.50. Vichy also have an spa 50 lotion here for €21.50 but this personally didn't suit my little boy, as he reacted slightly to it.


While the SPF you use on your own body may vary, I would recommend using at least a factor 30 on your face. The best type of anti ageing, is indeed prevention. The La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50, Ultra Light tinted fluid, is suitable for all skin types and comes with a very light tint to it to give you a slight glow! You can pick it up here for €19.50


After Sun


As careful as we are, Irish skin just isn't accustomed to the sunshine and we often find ourselves looking a little burnt. So after sun care is an essential in our holiday bags. There are a number to choose from on the Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy site but for your body something along the lines of the Nivea Sun Moisturising After Sun Lotion with Aleo Vera in it will help ease the burn. I personally will be packing the Vichy After Sun Specific Sunburn Care as this is designed specifically to relive the sensation of sunburned skin. You can buy it here for €8.50


Your skin needs a little extra care when out in the sunshine, as it can get dehydrated quickly, while at the same time sun cream can leave you feeling a little more congested then usual. What you pack however will be dictated by your luggage! When it comes to skincare products I would suggest decanting as much as you possibly can into travel containers that you can get in Molloys Lifestyle pharmacy stores. . Not only are most things over 100mls but they also weigh a lot!!


Sheet Mask: Flying can dry out your skin, so I suggest having a hyaluronic mask in your bag for the first evening you arrive. This will give your skin back that instant burst of hydration that it may have lost on the flight. I am quite partial to the Skin Republic Hyaluronic acid sheet masks that you can pick up here for €6.95 .


Makeup removal: Micellar water is a handy throw into your bag with a packet of cotton pads for makeup removal. There are lots of brands to pick from on the Molloys Lifestyle pharmacy site and in store, including Garnier and Corine De Farme. If like me you can't part with your 'good' skincare, the Pestle and Mortar Erase and renew is incredible!!! You can read a review here.




As I am the furthest thing from a medical professional, I am not going to pretend I have recently discovered medical knowledge! Instead, I will just tell you what I pack in my bag in case of emergencies!

Motilium and ImodiumWhether it is the rich food, local water or a tummy bug, you're guaranteed that someone will need one of these two on holidays. I find it handy to have a packet of each in the bag, just in case! You can pick these up in your local Molloys Lifestyle pharmacy.



PainkillersWhile easily bought abroad, I find sometimes it is just easier to have a packet of painkillers in your bag.

Antihistamines: Personally, I don't go into town without an antihistamine in my bag, but then I am a very allergic person! There is no way I would travel without these, as you don't know what you might react to when away!


I always find my makeup bag is the hardest thing to pack, as whittling down the products that I am taking away is never easy. While I am not going to give you a full list of items to pack in your makeup bag, I am going to give you a few bits that you might not have thought about adding!


Eyelashes: If you're like me and you're a little on the picky side when it comes to your eyelashes, stock up before you go away. My favourite lashes are by far the SoSu by SJ lashes. I genuinely have so many favourite pairs from the range, that I couldn't even pick one! I find not only are the reasonably prices but you get quite a number of wears out of them! Be warned however, they don't come with pre packed glue, so you will need to bring some duo glue with you. You can check out the range of lashes here.


Contour and Highlighting palette: To save on space, why not bring a contouring and highlight palette instead of separate items. I am currently using the Scuplted by Aimee Connolly Palette and find that the contour shade is perfect for my skin tone. Even if I do get a little tan on my face, I can build up the colour if needed! You can pick it up here for €24.95



Eyeshadow palette: If you're only packing one eyeshadow palette, make it the Blank Canvas Master Series one palette. Not only is it my favourite eyeshadow palette ever! But it will get you both soft and full on glam looks! You can find it here for €34.95

Hope you enjoyed the travel blog.

Till next time,

Sinead x