Baby Massage

Before babies learn to talk, their only way to communicate is through touch. Touch is one of the most nurturing, natural and significant experiences your baby will have. Research shows that these nurturing experiences early on in life can have long-term benefits. Baby Massage greatly enhances the essential bonding between baby and parents. It is the most natural thing in the world. When you put baby down and she cries, chances are she will stop crying once you hold her again. If this simple gesture of touch is enough to soothe an upset baby, imagine the benefits a full body massage would have for her.

There are different techniques that can be used on baby specific to their needs. Baby Massage has many proven benefits:


  • Relief for the baby from Colic, reflux, teething and congestion.
  • Soothes an agitated baby and aids restful sleep.
  • Help weight gain and development which is vital for premature babies, can help develop motor skills.
  • Builds up vital immunity by fighting off germs.
  • The Interaction between mum and baby has also been known to help recovery from post-natal depression. 
  • Helps with constipation.


Baby massage is beneficial to the parents also. Having a baby can be a very lonely time for a new mum, attending baby massage classes can help connect with other mums and make the whole transition into motherhood a little easier just by having company and reassurance.

Laura Carr from “To Delivery and Beyond” is a trained midwife and has seen first-hand the advantages of baby massage for both baby and mum. She set up her baby massage classes in Mayo and surrounding areas as she is passionate about touch and healing. Laura also gives advice on lactation and she will be rolling out ante-natal classes in the very near future.

We are very lucky to have Laura in our Bunree and Ballaghaderreen stores next week carrying out some demos on baby massage, lactation and a safety chat about SIDS.

It will run alongside our in-store and online Baby Event at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies where we will have reductions on selected baby products.

The Baby Event will run from Monday 19th June until Sunday 25th of June throughout all our stores and online.

Laura will be in our Bunree Store on Tuesday 20th of June and our Ballaghaderreen Store Wednesday 21st of June, 11am to 1pm both days.