In ancient civilizations, makeup was a status symbol and both men and women both used it. Fruits, clay, insects and even grounding precious jewels were where the ancient civilizations got their first lipstick by way of a staining.  

Some ingredients were less health friendly, Egyptians were know to use lead which did lead to death!

In Japan also women wore dark lipsticks derived from tar and beeswax. It was only in Greek Empire, application of lipsticks was associated with prostitution and prostitutes were under obligation to wear dark lips, by law!

Sometime around 9AD the first solid lipstick was made.

Throughout the years with the advent of Christianity, the church condemned the use of lipsticks or any makeup, for that matter.

Red lips were associated with Satan worship, and women sporting lipsticks were suspected of being sorcerers and witches. Lip salves (balms) however, were popular and acceptable. Women secretly added colour to these products or resorted to pinching, biting or rubbing lips with various materials to make them appear redder!

In 1884 a cosmetics company was the first to mass produce lipsticks.

Throughout the next few decades it became unusual for women NOT to wear lipstick.

Helena Rubenstein invented the cupid’s bow lipstick that promised to give the coveted shape to the lips. Women also used stencils to achieve the desired cupid’s bow shape of the lips.



Red shades popularised by Hollywood were worn throughout the 50s and 60s. The Queen upon her Coronation in 1952 even created her own signature red lipstick by Clarins call The Balmoral to match her Coronation Robe.

During the 70s and 80s new shades were introduced and flavoured, tinted lip-balms were growing in popularity. Hot pink was a very popular colour for the 1980s.

1990s began and so did the colour of our lips. Barely there makeup and dark semi matte lips. Nothing screams the 1990s more than dark lipliner and a lighter lipstick.

Enter the 2000’s and the emergence of light, shiny glosses!

We have been obsessed with Liquid Lipsticks and Matte lip paints for the past 3 years. Lippies the apply wet like a gloss but dry to a matte that just won’t budge or lipsticks that apply like velvet.

They were a resurgence from the semi-matte dark brown lipsticks from the 1990’s. Lipliners were essential for these mattes especially the liquid lipsticks to avoid that dreaded bleed or smear.

But it seems they might just be on their way out as the beauty world’s obsession with sheer coverage extends from the base to lips.

Old school glosses are back, but they seem to have come back as a grown-up version of the old noughties selves. No longer will we have girls walking around with hair stuck to their lips, barely there colours or sticky formulas. We no longer have to look like an extra from Dallas!

They have been reborn as highly pigmented, long lasting, non-sticky glosses.

While the vast majority of us likely haven’t reached for a slick of gloss since our college days, high-shine lacquered lips are officially back on the beauty radar.

Some of the best glosses we have seen on our shelves is Luna by Lisa Glosses. This 4 pack of glosses have a colour to suit any shade, taste, outfit or occasion. They are highly pigmented, and the colour lasts for ages! The feel of the gloss is soft and comfortable and long-haired gals need not worry it does not stick!

Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquers and Rimmel both have stunning budget friendly glosses in their collections that have been getting rave reviews. All our favouite makeup brands have added so many new glosses to their new lines, we love to see them coming in to our stores every week! 

Have you begun to wear a gloss again? Let us know what your favourites are!