With so many makeup brands and products on the market these days it’s hard to know what exactly should be in your makeup bag.

Your favourite bloggers are loving up on 25 foundations a week and you can’t keep up! One week a product is hot the next it’s in the bargain basket along with that hair mascara and eyebrow glitter. It can get confusing.

What brushes do I need? What palette should I buy, what is the right type of foundation for my skin type…what IS my skin type??

Don’t worry we can help you out on this one, click the link for a blog we wrote on skincare!

Let Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies take some of the confusion out of knowing what you should have in your makeup bag. We have put together a list together of products you can use for an everyday makeup look to full on glam for a night out. We will also let you know the only brushes you need to complete these looks; a lot of brushes are multi-use so if you are starting off this is a handy guide. Of course, we can’t guarantee you won’t get a little bit hooked on buying new brushes (You can never have enough F20s!

If that is not enough we will also show you how create a gorgeous Smokey eye with the gorgeous Sinead from The Beautiful Truth. So, first things first let’s get your basic makeup bag together.

You will need a makeup bag! We have some gorgeous cosmetic bags here at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies


Yummy Mummy €7.95


Grandmas Make-up Bag €14.95


Classy and Fabulous Bag €14.95

Now let’s fill it. The only products you will need are:


The best way to apply foundation is if the skin is completely prepped. You wouldn’t start painting a door without priming it, the same goes for your skin. Priming ensures the foundation goes on a smooth canvas, it also ensure a more long-lasting base.

Flormar Illuminating Primer (€9.95) is a great budget friendly primer. It goes on a like a serum but once it is left sitting on the skin it turns matte.


Normal to Oily/combination skin: 

We would recommend going for a more matte Foundation. The Note Mattifying Extreme Foundation is fantastic for this type of skin. I use this Note Foundation myself as I have an oily T-zone. It comes in 8 shades, I have very pale Irish skin and I use 01, so that could give you a starting point. Unlike a lot of matte foundations, it does not leave your skin with that flat, 2d look. It does not sit on the skin cakey, it doesn’t sit into fine lines and it is incredibly long-wearing. It doesn’t wear off the face either, some foundations will start to wear away from the forehead or chin. This foundation stays even and stays put.

Normal to Dry Skin:

For those of you who have dry skin you know how important it is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. The Note Luminous Moisturising Foundation is an amazing product for dryer skin types, again it comes in 8 shades. It has a creamy consistency and sits on the skin beautifully. It gives a lovely glow to the skin again long lasting.


Concealer is not just for covering up imperfections or spots. It is used to highlight your high points on the face to give a more sculpted look.

Again, Note Full Coverage Liquid Concealer is our go to product. It is such a bargain product for under €5.00. It contains Vitamin E which helps tighten the look of lines and wrinkles. It does not sit in fine lines and comes in 4 shades.


When it comes to the right shade of blush…there is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what you like and what suits your makeup look. The Flormar Terracotta blushes are a good starting point though. The have a range of colours to suit all skin tones. The Touch of Pink shade is the perfect shade of pink with a subtle shimmer going through it.

blush, blush shades, terracotta shades, flormar blush


There is often confusion when it comes to bronzing and contouring. Bronzing brings warmth to the face and contouring sculpts, so you can look like you have Kim K cheek bones!

The Aimee Connolly Sculpting Palette has everything you need to create many looks from an everyday fresh-faced look to a sculpted dramatic night time look. It also contains a highlighter, if you haven’t used a highlighter before this is the perfect one to start with.


aimee connolly palette, contour palette, highlight palette




There is nothing that changes a face shape more than having a perfectly shaped arch. Essentials for this are a spoolie (eyebrow brush) and product. Cailyn Gelux Eyebrow is a fool proof way to fill in your brows, it comes with a brush attached to the handle which is the perfect angled shape to achieve that perfect arch.


eyebrows, gelux eyes, cailyn eyebrows




Flormar’s Precious Curl Mascara is a must have product to finish off any eye makeup look. It lifts and curls the lashes and gives your lashes the perfect form.


Applying eyeshadows should not be seen as a chore or something just to wear at night time. The right shade can really define the eye during the day and of course you can smoke it out for a glam night time look. Our go to palette here at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies has be the Blank Canvas Master Series Palette. It has all the shades you need to go from day time to night-time chic. It contains beautiful warm shades that suits any skin tone. Our favourite beauty blogger Sinead from The Beautiful Truth give a tutorial on how to apply this palette. She has kindly allowed us to share her video here ...

master palette, blank canvas cosmetics, eyeshadow palette

Setting Powder

It is vital that you set your makeup. There is no point creating the perfect look if you are not going to set it! We love translucent powders here at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacies as they don’t alter the shade of your makeup. The Vichy Derma Blend Setting Powder is the perfect product to ensure your makeup stays on your face! Its finely milled to it won’t look cakey or powdery.

vicy dermablend, setting powder

Lip Products

For a matte look we love Sleek’s Matte Me range. A beautiful shade would be Birthday Suit, it’s a nude pink/brown colour and perfect for any skin tone. 

Another gorgeous lip product would be Note’s matte moist lip-gloss, the 405 is a daring red that would be amazing for night time.

Make-Up Brushes

So now you have filled your makeup bag, let’s give you a hand getting the right tools together. I am going to concentrate on Blank Canvas brushes simply because they are affordable and they are multi-use brushes.


f20 makeup brush, black f20, foundation brush

This is probably one of the best foundation brushes on the market. It is a flat head buffing brush that allows you to apply your liquid foundation easily and create a flawless base. As it is a flat head you would need to bounce the product onto the skin- €14.95



This tapered brush is perfect to apply bronzer, contour, highlight, blush and setting powder.€14.95


This brush is double ended and perfect for applying eyeshadow and blending it out. €11.95


This is a double ended brush, a spoolie for brushing and shaping your eyebrows and an angled brush to apply your gel, powder or cream product. €8.95

e30 eyebrow brush

So that's it! You now have all the products you need to fill up your makeup bag, we have even given you tips on how to apply thanks to Sinead from The Beautiful Truth. If you need any more assistance or have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact the online team here at Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy or ask any of our trained Molloys Makeup Artists in store!