Cleanse Off Mitt

We have come a long way since our days of a rub of a baby wipe, quick slather of Ponds, and blot of Clearasil. Now we use at least 4 products within our daily skincare regime. We are more educated when it comes to skincare than ever before. BUT if we are all honest with ourselves, there has been the odd night when we used a wipe to take off our makeup or dare I say it didn’t take our makeup off at all after a bit of a wild night out!

Even though those nights when we are too “tired” to remove makeup and cleanse are few and far between, they still happen and they do cause damage to our skin.

If you travel or go to the gym after work logistically you cannot bring all your usual cleansers, muslin cloths, pads etc. you would use to remove your make up. It is easier to throw a pack of face wipes in our overnight or gym bag.

We know now thanks to aesthetic experts like the formidable Jennifer Rock (aka the Skin Nerd) that face wipes are a "no-no". We can hear her voice in our head as we scrub off the carefully applied makeup, don’t we?!

Using wipes is like eating a takeaway. We know we shouldn’t do it, we know its bad for us but sometimes it’s just easier. The thing is, both, make our skin look and feel terrible.

When we use wipes, it removes our makeup thanks to the chemicals present on the wet towel, but these chemicals remain on our skin after and they themselves are causing damage. By rights if you do use wipes, you should wash your face afterwards to clean and cleanse the skin.

So relatively speaking they are not the handiest alternative.


So, with that in mind the next time you think about a wipe doing the job, think again. If you are looking for something quick to just remove makeup while you travel or workout, give the Cleanse off Mitt a go. Jennifer rock designed her mitt...

“Fibres made with advanced micro-technology. The fibres on the mitt are 30 times thinner than cotton fibre andup to 100 times thinner than a human hair! These tiny loops manage to break the surface tension that binds oil and makeup to the skin's surface, gently hooking the oil and removing debris. The Cleanse Off Mitt is fully free of any product and causes no irritation. All you need to do is add water to the mitt and let its mechanical nature scoop the debris from the pore.”



The Cleanse off Mitt (COM) can be used in the following way:


  • To remove makeup instead of harmful wipes
  • Use a pre-cleanse, double cleansing is proven to be beneficial to your skin.
  • Use the COM along with your normal cleanser, be it, oil, foam, cream. Studies show cleansers are much more thorough with the COM
  • Alternative to facecloths as they can be harsh and abrasive on your skin, also they are a minefield for bacteria. Similarly, cotton pads are made with wood fibres and can be extremely irritating on the skin

cleanse off mitt



Its so gentle it can be used on babies. Just like facecloths baby sponges can be riddled in bacteria as they sit on the side of the bath. Using the COM is gentle and hygienic.

The COM is suitable for sensitive skin as it’s free from chemicals.

We are delighted to be hosting a COM Demo with Team Nerd this Friday October 6th in our Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy Bunree Store from 2-3pm.

Nerdette Shannon and The Skin Nerd herself Jennifer will be in store to give a live demo on how to use the COM effectively and answer any questions you may have on skincare.

We have lots of promotions happening in store on skincare including an amazing offer on Cleanse of Mitts – Buy 3 for €10!

We are running a competition on our Facebook page to win 3 COM, head over there for your chance to win!


If you cannot make the event we will be doing a Q+A with Jennifer and Shannon, if you have any questions about skincare comment below or on Facebook or if you would like to remain anonymous send us a private message on Facebook or email us here!


Happy Cleansing!

Tracey x